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RSS 0.91 Spec, revision 3 (Netscape's Original Specification)

Files must be 100% valid XML. We're trying to move towards a more standard format, and to this end we have included several tags from the popular <scriptingNews> format. We have also ensured that this version is 100% valid XML. We did this by requiring that a DOCTYPE tag be included, and validating each RSS document against that DTD. This means that it is not enough for an RSS document to be "well-formed". It must also be "valid" with respect to its DTD.

No mixed content tags. We are specifically not including any tags that contain mixed content in RSS 0.91. This means that each tag either contains sub-tags only, or text only, not a combination. This is both because we want to keep the format simple, and because our current validation system is not able to handle this type of tag. We also are not allowing any HTML markup beyond the commonly used entities such as &quot; A full list of these are defined in the RSS 0.91 DTD.

New tags for syndication community. Our validator will now allow several new tags through the system, though most of them will not actually be used by Netcenter. However, these may work when syndicating content to other sites. These tags are noted explicitly in the spec as "ignored."

RDF references removed. RSS was originally conceived as a metadata format providing a summary of a website. Two things have become clear: the first is that providers want more of a syndication format than a metadata format. The structure of an RDF file is very precise and must conform to the RDF data model in order to be valid. This is not easily human-understandable and can make it difficult to create useful RDF files. The second is that few tools are available for RDF generation, validation and processing. For these reasons, we have decided to go with a standard XML approach.

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